Meet the Family, Part 1

The USDA states that “97% of all U.S. farms are family-owned.” 44 years ago Gary started our family farm. Over my 30 years alone I have watched it continue to grow each and every year. It’s pretty admirable to think about all my dad been able to accomplish on his own and starting with literally nothing. Farming is risky business and it’s certainly not for everyone. Long hours and the constant gamble of relying on the weather is not for the faint of heart, and yet here we are all these years later and he has been able to make a life out of doing what he loves and include our entire family in the process. The family that farms together, stays together…

By his side for all of these years has been my mom, his bride of 44 years this year, Pam. She has been my dad’s right hand on all the new business endeavors that he has leaped into over the years. She has done all of the bookkeeping as well as manages the produce stand that we open seasonally at our farm every year. She also managed to keep up with these things while having and raising three kids. Our house was always spotless and she always had a homemade meal on the table every night. I can remember when her office was in a room outside of my bedroom and after she would put me to bed at night she would go in there for hours working on books. I can still remember watching her when I was suppose to be asleep, sitting at her desk working away as I drifted off to sleep. Watching both of my parents put in such dedication to their jobs day in and day out definitely influenced the work ethic that my brothers and I have today.


Look out for the next post with “The big three”…and some spouses. All photos featured are by Libby McGowan Photography. Until next time…

-the farmer’s daughter


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  1. I have so enjoyed the Meet the Family blogs. Your dad and mom are special people and I know you children are such an important part of the farm operations. I love to tell people to go and see you and support our local farmers. Prayers for a good crop this year.

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