It’s ‘Bacca Time

Last year was needless to say, a pretty devastating year for NC agriculture. Two hurricanes hitting our state right when most tobacco farmers had the best of their crop still in the field. Once they swiped through, it was over. The crops were ruined and any attempt to cure what was left behind were failed. Luckily the NC Disaster Relief Fund was able to help farmers stay on their feet and not go under from their crop losses.

This year, due to several issues, but mainly the tariffs with China, tobacco farmers lost a big portion of their contracts. North Carolina produces more tobacco than any other state in the U.S. With that being said this will be a transitional year dealing with the cutbacks and figuring out how to make ends meet so to speak, with other crops produced on the farm. However, as always the show must go on and we have just started planting for our 2019 season. I was able to stop by and snap a few pictures with my sidekick today. Take a look!

My sidekick, making sure no plants were missed.

Here’s hoping that NC agriculture is able to thrive this year and prayers to up above that the weather is kind to all our farmers. Until next time..

-the farmer’s daughter